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Ugly Snake (Part 3) Breaking the Clouds and Seeing the Sun (End)
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However the white tiger and Bi Xuan Xiao Liu followed began to take turns bombing to persuade Leng Jing back to heaven In fact Lengjing is not without a way He first called all three then closed the doors and windows and began to preach the theory The author will not repeat the details but do you remember Sakyamuni and Jesus Everyone knows more or less about the theories of preaching and saving the world Leng Jing just refined these theories and then said that he would rather suffer from the disaster of heaven to revive the martial arts world and save the world In short the last forbearance of Bai Hu and Xiao Liu was cried uns c68700 by him Only Bi Xuan sighed and said "Young Lord it's not impossible for you to stay in the mortal world for a while but you have a special status and a delicate body" Please let Bixuan and others take care of it A few more people will be more ostentatious Leng Jing thought about it and agreed Before it was dark he invited everyone to eat hot pot at the inn Everyone went out to buy vegetables and Leng Jing stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back and watched the sunset A big white snake appeared behind him spitting out the snake letter rather aggrieved Xiaojing you are so cold to dad! I don't even want to look at Dad! Leng Qingqing said discontentedly I'm not looking You must be tying a knot "I'm not tying a knot at all Look back at me!" "I'm not looking!"

"You have to see it!" So the snake's tail was wrapped around him and the two men began to struggle Finally Leng Qingqing dragged Leng Jing back to bed and wrapped him firmly Shh Listen there's movement next door Leng Jing went to bed and put his ear close to the wall What's going on The big white snake spat out the snake letter and pasted his head on it I heard a man wailing faintly in the next room and kept shouting "Kyle!"! Kyle!! Is it the Frost and Snow Villa Leader Leng Jing conjured up a dragon claw and scratched a small crack in the wall with his sharp fingertips Sure enough it was the Frost and Snow Villa Leader who was crying with the corpse in his arms Not only that but also facing the corpse% &¥#@# This is a luxury inn It's cold and clean Use the bed curtain to cover the gap At night the servants bought the ingredients and ate hot pot together However by the time of Youshi the sultry heat of the day turned into a downpour Leng's group remained unmoved and continued to eat and drink This time I also bought the fruit wine and noodles that Leng Qingqing liked very much and the atmosphere was very lively Eating with more people is more lively than eating with fewer people and eating with subordinates is more comfortable than eating with superiors Only then did Leng Jing have a feeling of his own power With a bit of alcohol he stood up heroically and proposed a toast "Everyone please follow me to wipe out the three dark realms and establish an ideal world of benevolence and virtue!"

There was a sudden silence At this time they began to drink together Leng Jing was dragged back to the bedroom to sleep by Leng Qingqing and then Leng Qingqing went to drink by himself Liu White Rabbit ran into the bedroom with a change of clothes served Lengjing to take a hot bath even slippers and beds were ready Lengjing took a bath White Rabbit brought tea to Lengjing sitting on the bed to beat his back White rabbit is more sensible than white mink! "Leng Jing the landlord nodded with general satisfaction" In fact young Lord there is a reason for Lord Bixuan to stay with you x70 line pipe Don't say it's what I said! Whispered the White Rabbit What's the reason Leng Jing leaned on the cushion and enjoyed the massage comfortably In fact the demon world has recently made some moves against the celestial world and even sent spies to the ends of the earth Lord Bixuan was afraid that it would be bad for the young Lord so she took this opportunity to let the young Lord hide in the mortal world first Don't say I said it! The white rabbit is characterized by a big mouth I know I know Leng Jing waved his hand and motioned for the white rabbit to go down Can the maidservant also go to drink together The white rabbit fluttered his eyes and pleaded with Lengjing Go ahead Leng Jingdao So the White Rabbit ran out happily and outside came the sound of their shouts and fists Bad taste Leng Jing thought so then uncovered the shelter on the wall and began to peep next door Just curious! At this time the owner of the villa next door no longer desecrated the corpse but began to talk with an old guest Leng Jing put his ear to his ears and heard the Villa Leader pleading "Please!"! Doctor Wu! Please help Kyle! The old man sighed "I don't have the ability to resuscitate the dead" However Maybe there's a place where "Really" Where is it Surprise way of the Villa Leader

"Yes" Vientiane building yes yes Vientiane building I heard that there uns c70600 was an example of saving a person who had been dead for seven days The Vientiane Building is a medical center Rumor has it that the building has excellent Chinese medicine skills It's not enough for me to lift shoes for others It's a pity that I'm old otherwise I must go to visit and study The old man said The Vientiane Building that can bring the dead back to life Leng Jing listened and felt very mysterious Chapter 50 In the sound of the rain Leng Jing fell asleep In the cold and clean dream there will always be the childhood hometown of Bihai Cangtao Valley which is a boring valley with a group of country bumpkins living in general scenery In fact it is a very small place but for the little ugly snake in those days it feels very deep and wide Every detail in the valley is magnified infinitely as if it is his whole world Some of the people and things he saw in the daytime appeared in another way in his dreams performing strange and absurd stories These dreams seemed to be written and directed by Leng Jing himself Although he did not know the result he felt familiar from the bottom of his heart

With a little care the content of dreams can actually be manipulated However occasionally there will be some uncontrolled and unfamiliar "strange dreams" The feeling is like sneaking into someone else's world to peep dangerous and accompanied by a little tension These strange dreams sometimes just a flash of a moment give people a deep impression Just like now Leng Jing was suddenly awakened from his sleep by a nightmare but he forgot the content of the nightmare just now He looked around blankly and found that it was still late at night and the sound of rain was still there so he kicked his slippers and put on his clothes to get up at night Out of the bedroom those are still drinking by this time have been drunk cold and cheerless dancing Bixuan did not say a word just drink the white tiger has fallen down and the white rabbit and the white mink have changed back to the prototype whose fur is whiter You can really drink Leng Jing gave a cut It seemed that they were going to drink all night lksteelpipe.com

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