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Before they did not see what was disturbing the city nor did they listen to the shocked words of the people but now it seems that all of them are obviously surprised Ancient wild beast "Jinglin Spirit Beast!" "Is the other one an ancient beast or a mythical beast" Each exclaimed and then as if waking up from a dream stepped on the wall as if walking on the ground not like climbing the eaves and walls so straight down five people to deal with the x56 line pipe fire and Jing Lin spirit beast Seeing these ancient wild beasts they are all thinking if they can be subdued that is not good In this way they dare not use their full strength for fear of hurting them At this point Buqingyun on the city wall has a chance! He walked slowly into the stone house without a sound like a dead silence and suddenly felt a powerful force sweeping over him An attack formation has been set up here! Bu Qingyun's face changed greatly and his limbs seemed to be bound by chains unable to move At this critical moment the storage bag shone and then the pagoda flew out on its own and all the attacks turned into golden light and were absorbed! And the array above the head of the seven-level pagoda suddenly dimmed a little Bu Qingyun suspected something in his heart

It's not appropriate to think about it carefully at this time Everything has to be solved quickly Looking at the two beautiful wooden boxes on the table he did not dare to move but the pagoda quickly rotated first said that the array on the wooden box was absorbed and the array on the spire was a little dim After finishing all this Buqingyun picked up the two wooden boxes and threw them into the storage bag looking excited but this is the treasure that Jiang and Xuanyuan are eager to get! Although he now does not know what effect but so take away certainly can let both sides make a little misunderstanding the best is to fight! Fight fight fight to your heart's content! Black and white take all! Bu Qingyun thought so after putting things away he did not dare to stay but when he wanted to leave he suddenly took out the wooden sign record from his bosom and put it around He did not know how to start random use of True Qi so that these wooden signs have a connection lines suddenly appeared an array really appeared in front of him Bu Qingyun didn't know what it was so he jumped off the wall and flew away The bodyguard who had just kicked him saw the back of the straight man who had left Full of doubts he suddenly woke up and turned around Just as he was about to cry out he stared and died directly!

This is not what Bu Qingyun did and he didn't know there was such a thing! I don't know all this can be done so smoothly thanks to the man in the dark Wheezy! "Roar!" Yan Zhi and Jing Lin Spirit Beast each sent out a roar and then joined hands to repel the five Tibetan masters so that they could leave the space and disappear without a trace Many people did not show a relaxed expression this ancient wild beast went and returned to bring back the same kind of Shenwu who knows if it will bring another one later They had a lingering fear and the people who were doing business in the city gate closed the market early However the five Tibetan monks could not help feeling a burst of regret when they saw that they had been run away by the Jinglin spirit beasts x52 line pipe Then they took a look at each other and immediately discovered that they were all wrong! Each of them climbed up the eaves and walls quickly came to the top of the city wall and entered the stone house Bang A deafening thunderous sound exploded and the stone house was razed to the ground in an instant This What's going on here Cried the sharp man of the Jiang family Thick eyebrow man is also full of doubt "this …" What the hell happened here That thing "Is there anyone else spying" Is this all carefully planned "No!"! Even if carefully planned it can not be so smooth unless there is a strong man in the dark or … Or there may be an inside man One person said so Just now they ran into the stone house suddenly triggered the array suddenly exploded like a bomb all now dusty face a layer of stone powder on the body The man with thick eyebrows turned his head to look at the sharp man and the latter turned his head away at the same time The eyes of the two men made contact with each other like flames and it seemed that there were really sparks flying in all directions

Two people look at each other there are so many sparks it really makes people feel that they are so'love at first sight '… "The Jiang family is a family of array" "This is the territory under the jurisdiction of the Xuanyuan family" They said so to x60 line pipe each other apparently suspecting each other of eating black and acting for themselves From the beginning of the transaction the two sides suspected each other which led to a sudden change in the situation and more speculation At this moment lost such a valuable thing they do not have the so-called strong demeanor calm mind pupil contraction cold light all think that the other side has done something I don't want that to be the case otherwise the Xuanyuan family will never give up! The man with thick eyebrows said coldly and picked up a wooden sign from the ground The sharp man looked at the wooden sign and his face obviously moved Then he frowned After a long time he said "Although the Jiang family is not a force in charge of Yangzhou if they swear to die together it is not some forces that dare to contend with it!"! Brother Xuanyuan do you think those people can't do it "It's not certain whether it's a plant or a thief crying stop thief!"

Two people speak coldly to each other just at this time to catch up with Tang Xueru's strong man in the air has returned When he saw the disappearance of the stone house and the disappearance of the two treasures he suddenly flew into a rage "I am so angry I am so angry …" It's really a plan to divert the tiger away from the mountain! Ah ah ah The old man said so as if he could spew fire from his eyes "check" Get down there and check! Check how many women are strong in the air! How dare you lure me away come to a black and white! Unforgivable! He immediately saw the problem all this seems to be carefully planned in general but everything is just a temporary idea Are you all right Arriving at Zhuangyuan Building Bu Qingyun felt his little heart pounding from time to time The scenes just now were too dangerous and exciting! He tried his best to lower his heartbeat and asked the beautiful woman opposite lksteelpipe.com

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