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Qin Yue glanced at Ye Qian and did not speak again but secretly thought to herself did she speak a little hard and hurt his self-esteem After all he is a man and he still needs face But you can't let yourself say he looks like a gigolo can you In fact where did she know that Ye Qian this wretched man was lying comfortably in his seat at this time full of wretched thoughts Eyes staring at Qin Yue that bat shirt and short skirt between the white skin YY if and Qin Yue to a car shock seems very good oh Not long after the car stopped in the underground parking lot of a luxury shopping mall Qin Yue looked at Ye Qian who did not know when to x52 line pipe fall asleep slightly in a daze close and careful look this bastard is quite handsome especially the scar on his face so that his whole person is full of a man's breath

This boy also does not know what spring and autumn big dream is doing the corner of the mouth slightly upward raises a radian reveals a smile that seems to smile Leng Leng looked at the front of Ye Qian Qin Yue unexpectedly some crazy a very strange feeling quietly climbed up the heart can not help but slightly bent down Just when Qin Yue could not control her mood and wanted to kiss Ye Qian on the lips she suddenly found that the boy's eyes were flickering Qin Yue slightly one Leng immediately understand this boy is not asleep at all is clearly pretending to sleep Seeing that Qin Yue hadn't kissed her for such a long time Ye Qian couldn't help but open his eyes smiled slightly and said narrowly "Yueyue can't you help it" Qin Yue glared at him angrily pinched him hard at the waist and then hurriedly got off and walked toward the elevator What's wrong with me How did you do such a thing just now Qin Yue thought shyly "that little bastard dares to play tricks on himself hum!" Ye Qian Hei Hei smiled and hurriedly ran after him Seeing Qin Yueban's face Ye Qian felt a little weak in his heart He wanted to say a few words of ridicule but he swallowed them abruptly to his mouth At this time it's better not to mess with this woman Think of just so close to look at Qin Yue white beautiful face flickering big eyes long eyelashes can not help but a burst of mind ripples ah Because of the embarrassing scene that happened just now Qin Yue was embarrassed to take the initiative to talk to Ye Qian and the whole face returned to its previous cold appearance but in her heart she could not help thinking about what had just happened Thanks to the VIP support of the book friends Decepticon Fire and Kui Ke thank you!

Also thanks to the readers who silently support this book behind their backs! wWw. xiAoshUotxtcOm Chapter 069 shopping This commercial building has more than 20 floors which can be said to be the most prosperous and top shopping place in sh city Each floor is equipped with various commodities including the exclusive stores of various top brands in the world It can be said that as long as you have money here there is almost nothing you can't buy 316 stainless steel plate Of course the consumption is also very expensive many people can only look at the ocean helplessly some so-called white-collar workers in order to pursue their so-called quality of life often spend several months'salary saved by hard work to buy only one commodity here Expensive consumption is naturally accompanied by high-quality service where the salesmen are selected by the most careful training of major businesses There are many such places abroad but for Ye Qian who does not pay much attention to the so-called quality of life and quality there is basically no attraction For Ye Qian as long as the clothes are comfortable to wear it doesn't matter what brand they are whether they are roadside goods or shopping malls But since it is Qin Yue's request Ye Qian will certainly not refuse I don't care but it doesn't mean that Qin Yue doesn't care After all I accompany her to the dance as Qin Yue's boyfriend tonight Although Ye Qian doesn't think that wearing a suit and tie is an upper-class person but in front of those so-called upper-class people Ye Qian certainly doesn't want to let Qin Yue lose face

Qin Yue looked Ye Qian up and down and then took Ye Qian straight into a gianfrancoferre brand store I don't know much about fashion but under the influence of Li Wei a typical fashion element Ye Qian still has some knowledge of some top 316ti stainless steel international brands Take gianfrancoferre for example The brand's clothing is structured with the right lines; exquisite craftsmanship allows designers to take full advantage of geometric and asymmetric tailoring which is also a major feature of ferre men's wear style Basically ferre's men's wear is very generous Suits shirts ties and even other accessories are mostly orthodox and retro styles and the colors are more primitive especially black and blue which reveal extraordinary masculinity in an avant-garde and trendy color Hello welcome What can I do for you sir or madam

The salesman said modestly with a professional smile on his face However when she looked at Ye Qian she could not help showing a slight surprise she had not seen a rich woman with her own small white face to shop but she really had not seen such an alternative small white face dressed like Ye Qian Moreover this man does not look like a small white face although the appearance is not ugly but basically has nothing to do with handsome No let's look around ourselves Qin Yue said lightly With that Qin Yue slowly walked back and forth in front of the hanger taking out the clothes from time to time to have a look But saw a lot but are slightly frowned and put back again Ye Qian followed behind her a bitter melon face he really do not understand anyway are clothes what is there to choose ah as long as the fit is not on the line Besides these clothes all look the same After more than an hour Qin Yue picked out a suit and a tie Without asking if Ye Qian liked it she handed it directly to the salesman and said "Help me wrap it up" 。 lksteelpipe.com

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Lu Xiaoyi spits no integrity no integrity when he sees the great God he doesn't even know his last name Wang Sisi usually hates those people with a cold face She feels that they either have no feelings or are pretending to be X Well Lu Xiaoyi holds his chin lightly maybe Ye Xiang's smile is more attractive Ye Xiang is indeed a great God He is well versed in the psychology of college students nowadays Instead of reading from a prepared speech like everyone else almost without an opening he gave the initiative to everyone in the room Let them ask what they want to know and he answers selectively All of a sudden the auditorium was almost uns s31803 sheet boiling and everyone was scrambling for the microphone which was an opportunity to have a direct dialogue with Ye Xiang! Lu Xiaoyi thought in his heart that Ye Xiang was not lazy so he didn't have to prepare his speech Hey hey she quietly stuck out her tongue how can she be an idol Raise your hand to get the microphone and take the opportunity to ask what you want to know most For people like Ye Xiang we still dare not be presumptuous asking some very traditional and formal questions or asking Ye Xiang for advice However Ye Xiang did not answer everyone's questions He really selectively answered other people's questions To the questions he did not want to answer he said directly "I don't think it's necessary to answer this question"

At this time Ye Xiang's tone can be frozen three feet even so everyone's enthusiasm is not diminished because in their hearts God is like this Lu Xiaoyi very clearly saw Ye Xiang's eyes flashed a trace of impatience as expected is not very like to stay in public I don't know who shouted beside me The campus beauty asked for the microphone The microphone was passed to Yao Siqin Yao Siqin stood up shyly and looked at the dazzling shining point on the stage "Senior Ye maybe it's a little presumptuous to ask like this" After a pause I was very satisfied to see Ye Xiang cast her eyes over and then continued "I believe everyone is very interested in the feelings of the senior I would like to ask on behalf of you what kind of consideration the senior has for the other half of life" This question brought the atmosphere of the audience to the boiling point Everyone looked at the stage expectantly This was a disguised way to ask him about his requirements for choosing a spouse Who was not interested Some people sigh the campus beauty is really the campus beauty awesome Lin Xiaobai cut a sound rolled a few eyes a face uncomfortable "she thought she who ah but also on behalf of everyone who wants her to represent!" Lu Xiaoyi patted her hand and motioned her not to be upset in the stands Looking at a pair of sparkling eyes next to Lu Xiaoyi on the stage Lin Xiaobai felt more and more aggrieved In terms of appearance figure and achievement Lu Xiaoyi was better than Yao Siqin in everything Yao Siqin wore the title of school beauty for three years I thought she didn't know the trick in it Four fifths of the school beauty selection committee are women women! A group of women like Abbess Miejie must be jealous of Xiaoyi

They said that Yao Siqin was versatile and had shown his elegance at many literary and artistic evenings on campus It was well known that he was beautiful and talented He pushed him to the throne of campus beauty which was an insinuation that Lu Xiaoyi had empty skin Her little clothes do not care about these things uns s32760 plate but she is not happy who said that woman is talented is not to dance can write a few words do you know her little clothes piano but in junior high school passed eight but also good at violin as for dancing what she can not dance! If Xiao Yi wants to show that woman can only stand in the corner! Whoo Lin Xiaobai is crying Her little clothes just don't like to be in the limelight She just wants to keep a low profile and keep a low profile again She originally looks like "bringing disaster to the country and the people" If she goes to the stage to attract people's attention I'm afraid Lu Xiaoyi has to be fully armed every day when she goes out ……” Ye Xiang actually did not want to answer this question he had never considered this question

The scene was a little awkward for a while and everyone didn't know whether Ye Xiang didn't want to answer or was thinking about the question and they didn't dare to make a sound and the smile on Yao Siqin's face was a little out of place and she was betting that 347 stainless steel Ye Xiang would treat her questions differently when she saw her It should be like that but why don't you make a sound now! Her fingers tightly clasped the deputy of the sofa next to Chen Kexi is also a nervous face she hopes Ye Xiang's answer can "Senior!!!" No doubt is Lin Xiaobai she stood up and shouted because the scene was once awkward quiet even if did not get the microphone the voice is enough to make the audience quite clear Ye Xiang's eyes narrowed slightly looking at the voice eyebrows slightly knotted intention "you" Is there a problem classmate …… What's going on again Ah ha ha it's not me that has a problem it's her Lu Xiaoyi! Lin Xiaobai had already got the microphone pulled up Lu Xiaoyi who had just been shocked by her feat and put the microphone into her hand Lu Xiaoyi slowly lowered her head and looked at the microphone in her hand and then at the stage the man who was staring at her

For a moment the brain stopped working Lin Xiaobai killed her whoo what is she going to ask At this time the auditorium is even quieter maybe a needle can be heard when it falls to the ground Everyone focused their attention on Lu Xiaoyi the breathtakingly beautiful girl But there are still a few lines of sight that are indignant and discontented with knives in their eyes Lu Xiaoyi's cheeks were flushed She didn't know whether she was nervous or not She looked at the eyes on the stage steadied her mind took a deep breath and said "Senior why don't you smile for us" Lu Xiaoyi forced himself to be calm and giggled The people under the stage looked at Lu Xiaoyi and turned to Ye Xiang on the stage and immediately turned back to Lu Xiaoyi two people they do not want to miss ah! At this time everyone has already forgotten the problem of campus beauty ……” Ye Xiang's mouth really twitched as early as when Lin Xiaobai shouted Lu Xiaoyi his body stiffened Lu Xiaoyi The name Coincidence Lu Xiaoyi lksteelpipe.com

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Of course there will still be many special cases as long as they reach the state of immortality they will basically receive the minimum courtesy and respect generally speaking they will not charge any tolls and other things Croatan star field is a star field at the edge of the universe After the Red Cloud Forbidden Area there is an endless unknown place of nothingness According to the earth it is a small corner in the deep mountains Basically few people go out or come in so there is no special guard here at ordinary times Both of them were guards of the Croatan race and their realms were only six or seven stars They had been here for more than two days but no one had been seen at all whether they were going out or entering While they were chatting to pass the time with the sound of an alarm the picture reflected x60 line pipe in the ship's monitor made them speechless for a long time In the picture projected by the virtual monitor a huge object slowly drives out of the cosmic tunnel with seven colors of divine light flowing all over its body and the immortal power of the gods with endless mysteries is flowing which makes people unable to help but worship and feel awe Poof! This is the Croatan star field this kind of broken place is also guarded by people to collect tolls "The control room of the seven-color Shenzhou is extremely spacious One of the women with red eyes is sitting in front of the console with her slender and perfect legs crossed against it holding her inhuman breasts in both hands and laughing coldly Her lips are very attractive"

This enchanting woman is the elder sister of the seven sisters "Red Lotus" She is a strong person at the peak of the ninth order of immortality She is also a peerless figure in the eleventh rank of the Star River List She is an evil figure in genius She has a great reputation in the whole universe It is one of the most promising figures in the future No need to pay attention I have sensed the location of the youngest go straight there! There was a row of sofas in the hall of the control room A beautiful 316l stainless steel pipe woman holding a seven-color wooden stick slowly opened her eyes The colorful divine light flashed away Her appearance looked only about thirty She was a gentle and beautiful mature woman In fact she did not know how many endless years she had spent This person was Ziyan's grandmother and the seven-color emperor who deterred the world For these characters the appearance of aging or younger can be changed at will but this is meaningless to see a person's real age is from the mark of the soul the skin is not true This small seven wait to catch must want her to look good before unexpectedly dare to play us! Sitting on the sofa Huang Rong and Lu Yi were delighted looking at each other nodding and clamoring and even the cold-faced blue rhyme nodded in agreement Third Sister! Who is the man beside the little sister A green-haired woman with a pair of green eyes asked curiously that she was the fifth sister of Ziyan "Qingxuan" whose temperament was quiet and tranquil

It's a guy of unknown origin a333 grade 6 pipe and I didn't ask! Huang Rong replied then paused and shouted "This little seven is sinful!"! Run out not to say secretly still hook up a man unexpectedly now it seems to have a good lesson! "Grandmother!"! "Seven younger sister's secret is covered by the matter should have a relationship with that man!" Next to the seven-color emperor an orange-haired woman frowned and asked Her temperament was a little cold She was Ziyan's second sister "Orange Ice" She was a strong person in the third rank of immortality She ranked 807 on the Star River List She was a famous cool beauty and was highly sought after by the younger generation Ziyan seven sisters each ring fat swallow thin are extremely beautiful women and regardless of their aptitude or identity backing in the universe the seven sisters fame can be comparable to the emperor is the dream lover of countless men but so far no one has captured one of them "Mmm!"! I can feel that there is an unknown force beside Ziyan covering the secret of heaven! The closer the distance the more obvious the feeling of the seven-color emperor and that mysterious breath but let her have a familiar feeling seems to be an old friend "Just now that was!"! Is that the seven-color Shenzhou of the Adventure Alliance After waiting for Ziyan's home to drive away for a long time the two guards of the Croatan clan came to their senses from their shock and cried out in horror

The seven-color divine light is the symbol of the adventure alliance and the Shenzhou with the shining seven-color divine light is said to be the unique Taoist vessel of the seven-color emperor The whole body is made of the seven-color sacred stone which is absolutely known by everyone in the universe Because of the existence of the virtual network even small places in the countryside in the universe can get a lot of information and there x70 line pipe is a special virtual station to introduce Unicron almost every practitioner will go to browse and admire it so the two practitioners who only have six or seven stars can recognize the identity of the seven-color Shenzhou at a glance but they are also frightened I don't understand what this kind of existence is doing in such a small place "Quick!"! Go and report Seven color emperor control seven color Shenzhou king croatan domain of things instantly spread throughout the whole domain of the forces mind stirred up a monstrous wave let all the forces are panic fear and fear unceasingly this kind of existence a word is enough to easily destroy the whole star domain in the face of this kind of immortal emperor God power countless people shivering in a constant state of anxiety Completely do not know what to do to deal with because it has no effect and significance What is the emperor Immortal Emperor the Emperor of Immortals!

The king of gods the king of gods! It is the emperor who dominates all living beings and it is the existence above all things! As for the heavenly emperors they are legends and myths and there has been no trace of them in the universe for at least hundreds of millions of years However no one will forget or forget the majesty of the heavenly emperors It just feels unreachable and dreamlike because the heavenly emperor is an immortal existence representing the highest law of the universe Chapter 268 the "Emperor" of the seven-color Emperor Chapter 268 the "Emperor" of the seven-color Emperor "Have you returned my emperor" When the seven-color Shenzhou is like a moving castle suspended in the ak698 star the seven-color emperor's divine consciousness envelops the whole ak698 star and when she sees the people working in heaven her eyes flash a faint color of pain and when she notices the white clouds standing beside Ziyan if the thunder falls in her heart after a loud noise everything is silent and the colorful divine light in her eyes flashes The heart lake is boiling and excited lksteelpipe.com

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Dead fat Feng Liang attaches great importance to brotherly feelings so although his strength is not very good But he's still very popular in the Department of Corrections And for so many years every time the dead fat man had an accident the grey wolf helped him carry it No matter how the dead fat man collected money the country dared not do anything to him Drip drip drip drip "Grey Wolf" the words of the men just finished countless security guards who have taken the elevator to come up at the same time received the message that they are not allowed to start immediately evacuated here A group of security guards you look at me I look at x56 line pipe you and finally all turned around and left the Sky Garden After all they work for the boss and the lives of these people actually have little to do with them They only care about the orders of the boss When all the people inside the Sky Garden were evacuated Zhang Long's face turned green He knew that this time he had really failed! He did not know who was behind all this but now that even the grey wolf had been invited out he knew that he must have provoked an existence that could not be provoked and dared not be provoked Taking a deep breath Zhang Long let his heart calm down temporarily Separate the somewhat panicked crowd Zhang Long came to the opposite of the grey wolf He met the Grey Wolf once Even if he falls today he always needs to know who he is falling into Of course he is not going to retaliate What he wants to do is to find a way to apologize and solve this matter Hello Minister Grey Wolf!

I don't know "Zhang Long's words were interrupted by the grey wolf before he finished speaking" Your name is Zhang Long isn't it The grey wolf looked at the dog-like guy in front of him and if it hadn't been for Brook's confession he couldn't have killed them all at once The grey wolf may slap this guy to death "Yes" the grey wolf minister really has a good memory Zhang Long felt comfortable when he heard that the grey wolf even knew himself At least it showed that he could speak " Don't talk so much nonsense Get everyone on the ground for inspection! The grey wolf doesn't give this at all Zhang Long has no face Ah However "but Zhuang Zhanglong said glancing not far away looking at the crowd with a smile the meaning of Federer is very simple that is to see if Federer and Grey Wolf are together" If all this is a coincidence then Zhang Long may feel better although it is impossible for him to think about it But if it is true that all this is manipulated by one person then Zhang Long even has the heart to die

The grey wolf looked down Zhang Long's eyes just in time to meet Federer's eyes Grey Wolf probably knew that Brook Jr and Federer belonged to the top of the Vatican when he thought about it This must also be a prelude to Brook's arrangement But he didn't care too much about Federer He turned to Ye Huo who was sitting on the sofa over there as if he were watching a movie uns s32750 sheet "Grey Wolf still denied the plan to let everyone lie down" Ye Huo is also present now if let Ye Huo also lie down Grey Wolf is really afraid of Ye Huo's angry seconds and everyone left Turning to his men behind him the grey wolf said "Search them!"! Remember what I told you! As the grey wolf spoke his eyes intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Ye Huo and Milan sitting there Except for his six men even Federer did not find this action After seeing the action of the Grey Wolf the six men of the Grey Wolf began to search from Zhang Long as if they understood something The grey wolf leaned against the osmanthus tree where Zhang Kai was at the beginning holding his arms and looking at all the ordinary people present Of course he knew that today's search wouldn't mean anything These people are obviously celebrities But he knows These people dare not hate themselves they will only vent today's depression on Zhang Long it can be said that after this incident even if the relationship with Zhang Long is good people will certainly have a grudge Get down! One of Grey Wolf's men did not know how to take pity on her at all He kicked down a foreign beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes who looked very noble and began to grope for her What do you "you" want to do!

Are you terrorists Next to the beautiful woman being searched a tall white man shouted in less proficient Chinese Sir I advise you to be honest Federer is not far away from the white people only to see Federer at 321 stainless steel sheet this time actually raised his hands to let one of the grey wolf's men search his body The white man doesn't know the grey wolf but he knows Federer Seeing that Federer the son of the Holy See was so honest to let others search him The white man was stunned Compared with Federer it is simply cloud mud and Federer is so honest when facing this group of robbers what else can he do! So the white man who had figured all this out had no choice but to raise his hands and let the robbers search But his eyes were full of anger and looked at Zhang Long If it wasn't for Zhang Long's invitation How could I be so insulted! So he put all the shame on Zhang Long The grey wolf picked up a glass of red wine from the wine table beside the laurel tree and shook it gently "I hope you don't resist otherwise you may be hurt too much to bear" At this time the grey wolf looks like a bandit leader instead of the gentle grey wolf In fact this is the real grey wolf the grey wolf who does not love words is a way for the grey wolf to hide himself for so many years Blue's death made the former grey wolf almost desperate If Thunder hadn't told him that

Blue's soul still existed and could have been saved then the grey wolf might have collapsed at that time And after so many years of depression of course the grey wolf has to release himself But how do you release yourself in the Department of Corrections Just when the grey wolf was somewhat helpless he actually received a phone call from Brooke asking him to come here to play The grey wolf who was bored at that time agreed to Brook's invitation which led to the present scene It seems that your guardian is a very good director and planner Milan looked at one of the grey wolf's men coming towards her and whispered to Ye Huo Oh I don't know Anyway all I know is that the goddess is going to be searched Ye Huo moved aside with a bad smile and Milan almost jumped on him and strangled him! lksteelpipe.com

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However the white tiger and Bi Xuan Xiao Liu followed began to take turns bombing to persuade Leng Jing back to heaven In fact Lengjing is not without a way He first called all three then closed the doors and windows and began to preach the theory The author will not repeat the details but do you remember Sakyamuni and Jesus Everyone knows more or less about the theories of preaching and saving the world Leng Jing just refined these theories and then said that he would rather suffer from the disaster of heaven to revive the martial arts world and save the world In short the last forbearance of Bai Hu and Xiao Liu was cried uns c68700 by him Only Bi Xuan sighed and said "Young Lord it's not impossible for you to stay in the mortal world for a while but you have a special status and a delicate body" Please let Bixuan and others take care of it A few more people will be more ostentatious Leng Jing thought about it and agreed Before it was dark he invited everyone to eat hot pot at the inn Everyone went out to buy vegetables and Leng Jing stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back and watched the sunset A big white snake appeared behind him spitting out the snake letter rather aggrieved Xiaojing you are so cold to dad! I don't even want to look at Dad! Leng Qingqing said discontentedly I'm not looking You must be tying a knot "I'm not tying a knot at all Look back at me!" "I'm not looking!"

"You have to see it!" So the snake's tail was wrapped around him and the two men began to struggle Finally Leng Qingqing dragged Leng Jing back to bed and wrapped him firmly Shh Listen there's movement next door Leng Jing went to bed and put his ear close to the wall What's going on The big white snake spat out the snake letter and pasted his head on it I heard a man wailing faintly in the next room and kept shouting "Kyle!"! Kyle!! Is it the Frost and Snow Villa Leader Leng Jing conjured up a dragon claw and scratched a small crack in the wall with his sharp fingertips Sure enough it was the Frost and Snow Villa Leader who was crying with the corpse in his arms Not only that but also facing the corpse% &¥#@# This is a luxury inn It's cold and clean Use the bed curtain to cover the gap At night the servants bought the ingredients and ate hot pot together However by the time of Youshi the sultry heat of the day turned into a downpour Leng's group remained unmoved and continued to eat and drink This time I also bought the fruit wine and noodles that Leng Qingqing liked very much and the atmosphere was very lively Eating with more people is more lively than eating with fewer people and eating with subordinates is more comfortable than eating with superiors Only then did Leng Jing have a feeling of his own power With a bit of alcohol he stood up heroically and proposed a toast "Everyone please follow me to wipe out the three dark realms and establish an ideal world of benevolence and virtue!"

There was a sudden silence At this time they began to drink together Leng Jing was dragged back to the bedroom to sleep by Leng Qingqing and then Leng Qingqing went to drink by himself Liu White Rabbit ran into the bedroom with a change of clothes served Lengjing to take a hot bath even slippers and beds were ready Lengjing took a bath White Rabbit brought tea to Lengjing sitting on the bed to beat his back White rabbit is more sensible than white mink! "Leng Jing the landlord nodded with general satisfaction" In fact young Lord there is a reason for Lord Bixuan to stay with you x70 line pipe Don't say it's what I said! Whispered the White Rabbit What's the reason Leng Jing leaned on the cushion and enjoyed the massage comfortably In fact the demon world has recently made some moves against the celestial world and even sent spies to the ends of the earth Lord Bixuan was afraid that it would be bad for the young Lord so she took this opportunity to let the young Lord hide in the mortal world first Don't say I said it! The white rabbit is characterized by a big mouth I know I know Leng Jing waved his hand and motioned for the white rabbit to go down Can the maidservant also go to drink together The white rabbit fluttered his eyes and pleaded with Lengjing Go ahead Leng Jingdao So the White Rabbit ran out happily and outside came the sound of their shouts and fists Bad taste Leng Jing thought so then uncovered the shelter on the wall and began to peep next door Just curious! At this time the owner of the villa next door no longer desecrated the corpse but began to talk with an old guest Leng Jing put his ear to his ears and heard the Villa Leader pleading "Please!"! Doctor Wu! Please help Kyle! The old man sighed "I don't have the ability to resuscitate the dead" However Maybe there's a place where "Really" Where is it Surprise way of the Villa Leader

"Yes" Vientiane building yes yes Vientiane building I heard that there uns c70600 was an example of saving a person who had been dead for seven days The Vientiane Building is a medical center Rumor has it that the building has excellent Chinese medicine skills It's not enough for me to lift shoes for others It's a pity that I'm old otherwise I must go to visit and study The old man said The Vientiane Building that can bring the dead back to life Leng Jing listened and felt very mysterious Chapter 50 In the sound of the rain Leng Jing fell asleep In the cold and clean dream there will always be the childhood hometown of Bihai Cangtao Valley which is a boring valley with a group of country bumpkins living in general scenery In fact it is a very small place but for the little ugly snake in those days it feels very deep and wide Every detail in the valley is magnified infinitely as if it is his whole world Some of the people and things he saw in the daytime appeared in another way in his dreams performing strange and absurd stories These dreams seemed to be written and directed by Leng Jing himself Although he did not know the result he felt familiar from the bottom of his heart

With a little care the content of dreams can actually be manipulated However occasionally there will be some uncontrolled and unfamiliar "strange dreams" The feeling is like sneaking into someone else's world to peep dangerous and accompanied by a little tension These strange dreams sometimes just a flash of a moment give people a deep impression Just like now Leng Jing was suddenly awakened from his sleep by a nightmare but he forgot the content of the nightmare just now He looked around blankly and found that it was still late at night and the sound of rain was still there so he kicked his slippers and put on his clothes to get up at night Out of the bedroom those are still drinking by this time have been drunk cold and cheerless dancing Bixuan did not say a word just drink the white tiger has fallen down and the white rabbit and the white mink have changed back to the prototype whose fur is whiter You can really drink Leng Jing gave a cut It seemed that they were going to drink all night lksteelpipe.com

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Before they did not see what was disturbing the city nor did they listen to the shocked words of the people but now it seems that all of them are obviously surprised Ancient wild beast "Jinglin Spirit Beast!" "Is the other one an ancient beast or a mythical beast" Each exclaimed and then as if waking up from a dream stepped on the wall as if walking on the ground not like climbing the eaves and walls so straight down five people to deal with the x56 line pipe fire and Jing Lin spirit beast Seeing these ancient wild beasts they are all thinking if they can be subdued that is not good In this way they dare not use their full strength for fear of hurting them At this point Buqingyun on the city wall has a chance! He walked slowly into the stone house without a sound like a dead silence and suddenly felt a powerful force sweeping over him An attack formation has been set up here! Bu Qingyun's face changed greatly and his limbs seemed to be bound by chains unable to move At this critical moment the storage bag shone and then the pagoda flew out on its own and all the attacks turned into golden light and were absorbed! And the array above the head of the seven-level pagoda suddenly dimmed a little Bu Qingyun suspected something in his heart

It's not appropriate to think about it carefully at this time Everything has to be solved quickly Looking at the two beautiful wooden boxes on the table he did not dare to move but the pagoda quickly rotated first said that the array on the wooden box was absorbed and the array on the spire was a little dim After finishing all this Buqingyun picked up the two wooden boxes and threw them into the storage bag looking excited but this is the treasure that Jiang and Xuanyuan are eager to get! Although he now does not know what effect but so take away certainly can let both sides make a little misunderstanding the best is to fight! Fight fight fight to your heart's content! Black and white take all! Bu Qingyun thought so after putting things away he did not dare to stay but when he wanted to leave he suddenly took out the wooden sign record from his bosom and put it around He did not know how to start random use of True Qi so that these wooden signs have a connection lines suddenly appeared an array really appeared in front of him Bu Qingyun didn't know what it was so he jumped off the wall and flew away The bodyguard who had just kicked him saw the back of the straight man who had left Full of doubts he suddenly woke up and turned around Just as he was about to cry out he stared and died directly!

This is not what Bu Qingyun did and he didn't know there was such a thing! I don't know all this can be done so smoothly thanks to the man in the dark Wheezy! "Roar!" Yan Zhi and Jing Lin Spirit Beast each sent out a roar and then joined hands to repel the five Tibetan masters so that they could leave the space and disappear without a trace Many people did not show a relaxed expression this ancient wild beast went and returned to bring back the same kind of Shenwu who knows if it will bring another one later They had a lingering fear and the people who were doing business in the city gate closed the market early However the five Tibetan monks could not help feeling a burst of regret when they saw that they had been run away by the Jinglin spirit beasts x52 line pipe Then they took a look at each other and immediately discovered that they were all wrong! Each of them climbed up the eaves and walls quickly came to the top of the city wall and entered the stone house Bang A deafening thunderous sound exploded and the stone house was razed to the ground in an instant This What's going on here Cried the sharp man of the Jiang family Thick eyebrow man is also full of doubt "this …" What the hell happened here That thing "Is there anyone else spying" Is this all carefully planned "No!"! Even if carefully planned it can not be so smooth unless there is a strong man in the dark or … Or there may be an inside man One person said so Just now they ran into the stone house suddenly triggered the array suddenly exploded like a bomb all now dusty face a layer of stone powder on the body The man with thick eyebrows turned his head to look at the sharp man and the latter turned his head away at the same time The eyes of the two men made contact with each other like flames and it seemed that there were really sparks flying in all directions

Two people look at each other there are so many sparks it really makes people feel that they are so'love at first sight '… "The Jiang family is a family of array" "This is the territory under the jurisdiction of the Xuanyuan family" They said so to x60 line pipe each other apparently suspecting each other of eating black and acting for themselves From the beginning of the transaction the two sides suspected each other which led to a sudden change in the situation and more speculation At this moment lost such a valuable thing they do not have the so-called strong demeanor calm mind pupil contraction cold light all think that the other side has done something I don't want that to be the case otherwise the Xuanyuan family will never give up! The man with thick eyebrows said coldly and picked up a wooden sign from the ground The sharp man looked at the wooden sign and his face obviously moved Then he frowned After a long time he said "Although the Jiang family is not a force in charge of Yangzhou if they swear to die together it is not some forces that dare to contend with it!"! Brother Xuanyuan do you think those people can't do it "It's not certain whether it's a plant or a thief crying stop thief!"

Two people speak coldly to each other just at this time to catch up with Tang Xueru's strong man in the air has returned When he saw the disappearance of the stone house and the disappearance of the two treasures he suddenly flew into a rage "I am so angry I am so angry …" It's really a plan to divert the tiger away from the mountain! Ah ah ah The old man said so as if he could spew fire from his eyes "check" Get down there and check! Check how many women are strong in the air! How dare you lure me away come to a black and white! Unforgivable! He immediately saw the problem all this seems to be carefully planned in general but everything is just a temporary idea Are you all right Arriving at Zhuangyuan Building Bu Qingyun felt his little heart pounding from time to time The scenes just now were too dangerous and exciting! He tried his best to lower his heartbeat and asked the beautiful woman opposite lksteelpipe.com

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